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Starring Stephanie Wilson & Acqua Mossa

X-VOTIVE is an immersive video performance set to the atmospheric music of Acqua Mossa. The cinematic experience follows Stephanie Wilson, an otherworldly Time Traveller, on an extraordinary odyssey through the portals of Burlington. Arresting the audience by a surround of sound and light, participants will STAND in the “time chamber” to experience the show. Due to its multi-directional storyline, this aural adventure can be viewed multiple times for a multitude of narrative experiences. Audience members will enter the time chamber in rotational shifts, allowing for several loops of the film to be screened over the course of the evening.

Preview X-Votive here!


6/19 1:00PM - 7:00PM Waterfront



6/19 4:30PM - 5:20PM

Representing Somalia, Tanzania and Burundi and currently living in Burlington, Vermont, A2VT synthesizes their native African musical and dance roots with Western pop and Hip Hop sensibilities. Their songs, performed in up to eight unique languages, reflect their journey from Africa to America, and celebrate the musical collision of two continents and the party that ensues!



6/19 2:00 - 2:50pm

Singing Jazz, Blues and Funk has been a central part of Jenni's life since her teen days in New York City, where she was born and raised.  Jenni completed a Masters degree and has credits towards a Ph.d. while putting together The Jazz Junketeers singing in nightclubs, private parties and other venues. She has become an international entertainer who has performed in Russia, Paris, France and places in Canada. Jenni & The Jazz Junketeers  represented Burlington, VT at the Jazz Over the Volga International Music Festival in one of Vermont's Sister Cities, Yaroslav and Rostov, Russia. You can watch one of Jenni's many shows on her youtube station: Jenni's Joint, youtube.

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Charlie Mayne

6/19 5:30PM - 6:00PM

Charlie Atkins Otherwise known as “Charlie Mayne” was born in indio California. ThCharlie Atkins Otherwise known as “Charlie Mayne '' was born in indio California. Throughout his childhood Charlie dealt with a lot of changes moving place to place between LA and IE areas such as south central, san bernardino and riverside county. One thing Charlie knew for sure was that he had a talent for music in hip hop and r&b, and that talent followed him everywhere he went. Having grown up in the system between foster care and a juvenile, Charlie still had a belief in the back of his mind that he can take his talent further if he focuses hard enough. Not only was not having a family a disadvantage but an area filled with crime and poverty had a huge impact on kids his age. By 2012 Charlie graduated from an alternative High school. This is when he knew it was time to kick his dreams into action. Charlie then moved to the east coast where 3 years later he found himself signed to an independent label. Touring and performing all over the east coast Charlie repped up quite the buzz for himself opening for large acts and hosting shows with his friends in communities throughout the New England area. In 2020 Charlie wanted to kick it up a notch with his creativity. Being that he was from the West coast he felt like he needed to really tap into his roots and show how different he really is to the game by bringing it with GFUNK/ FUNK and strong west coast style rapping and beats. Alongside with his producer Phoelix Nynes they hope to one day spread their story and music across the world.


6/19 10:00am - 12:30pm
City Hall Park

Originally from Seattle Washington, Spoken Word Poet/Emcee and Teaching Artist Rajnii Eddins has been engaging diverse community audiences for over 30 years. He was the youngest member of the Afrikan American Writers Alliance at age 11 and has been actively sharing with youth and community in Vermont since 2010.

Rajnii’s diverse talents and passions allow him to offer a wide variety of powerful experiences that foster connection, learning, and mutual growth. He thrives at creating spaces that are educational, explorative, and celebratory, whether in a classroom, a conference hall, a community center, or online.



6/19 1:15PM - 1:45PM
City Hall Park

Kesha was born into a multiracial, working class family that gave back to the community every chance they could. She grew up waiting tables in the family business — an Irish pub run by her Jewish American mother and Indian immigrant father. She learned from her father to ask the critical, difficult questions, and from her mother to hold space while empowering those around her. 

Kesha knows the cost of broken systems. She experienced racial profiling at 13 years old while walking home with a friend, when she was arrested without explanation. She and her friend were detained most of the night without legal representation or being able to call their families, while the officers bragged about receiving overtime pay. In the moment, it took away her humanity. She vowed to build towards a world that honors the dignity and safety of all, especially our young people. From her earliest run for office, this is what’s powered her voice.

For over a decade, Kesha has served the people of Vermont – breaking barriers, building consensus, and delivering meaningful progress. Now, when corporate interests and right-wing extremists are threatening not just our future, but our fundamental rights, we need strong leaders like Kesha in Congress to fight for working Vermonters.

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6/19 2:00PM - 3:00PM
City Hall Park

Singer/songwriter Myra Flynn spends her career embracing dichotomy. Half Irish and half African American, her original indie/soul songs blend soulful vocals with a lyrical delivery that doesn't let one get too comfortable. As the New England Deli Magazine puts it, "Her vocal influences have as much in common with Ani Difranco and Shawn Colvin as they do with Rihanna and Jill Scott."
Flynn spent her Vermont childhood clad in leopard print and platform shoes, singing and dancing atop anything that looked remotely like a stage. These days, not much has changed. She has since shared stages with:  Ivan Neville (Dumpstaphunk), Mike Gordon (Phish) , Gabrielle Gordon (Natalie Merchant), Sonya Kitchell, Rayvon, Res, Alexa Ray Joel, Slick Rick, Anais Mitchell and Lee “Scratch” Perry. 

Currently, Myra Flynn lives a bi-costal life, still holding onto her roots in Vermont half of her year while also working and living part-time in Los Angeles under the guidance of Swift Street Management Team. She has created a jewelry line made from recycled piano parts and recently partnered with Vermont Vineyard, Shelburne Vineyard to create a namesake wine: FLYNN. She has toured the United States countless times as well as: Whales, London, Ireland and most frequently, Australia. Her motto regarding next steps and fame tends to be: "If you're doing it, you've already made it." 


6/19 3:00PM - 3:45PM
City Hall Park

Singer/Songwriter DONNCHERIE., originally from the rain soaked streets of Seattle, WA, now a fixture in Burlington, VT. A passionate Singer/Songwriter who taps into the emotions of the modern collective and constantly questions the human condition through her lyrics and moody melodies. Her music is as eclectic as her many interests, with powerful lyrics and rhythmic melodies. An unrefined and soulful singer, she has a unique vocal style, that is  both fresh and  familiar at the same time.  She is influenced by Rock, Country, Reggae and Soul! But the Blues is her first love and Ohhhh! How she does manage to sneak some element of it into the songs she writes. While there have been several  incarnations of it over the years the music remains core for her. She's a bit Tracy, a bit Melissa and a whole lot of heart!

Mostly fond of horror, burlesque themes and mystic creatures, she is startling to behold as she embodies character after character. With costumes to match the mood.  DonnCherie is also a dancer, and visual painter, and has modeled for many artists,  clothing designers and costumers.  



6/19 4:00PM - 4:45PM
City Hall Park 

KeruBo is a singer/song-writer and Afro-Jazz artist, originally from Kenya who now lives in the Burlington area. She has more than 20 years’ experience performing all over the world in music festivals. Her style of music is a blend of African Traditional Music, with inflections of Brazilian Samba/Bossanova, Jazz, and Blues. KeruBo sings African folk music, Afro Pop, and Afro jazz — from African laments to more modern arrangements. Her influences are from generations of music artists and songwriters but more particularly – Achien’g Abura, Miriam Makeba, Dorothy Masuka and Nina Simon.

She feels that these notable, strong-minded, female singers effectively used their music as a powerful medium to bring awareness to social issues and to rebuke social injustices. They sang candidly about issues without worrying about consequences.

KeruBo’s music is about healing, preserving African culture and heritage, while highlighting social issues affecting vulnerable minorities such as women and children.



6/19 5:00PM - 5:45PM
City Hall Park

As a storyteller, Ferene Paris Meyer creates heart-centered spaces through workshops, community engagements, culinary cuisine, and more! She aspires to make a collective difference within our local community



6/19 6:00 - 6:45pm
City Hall Park 

DJ Melo Grant is the host of the radio program Cultural Bunker on 90.1 WRUV FM. She has been bringing Hip Hop to the Champlain Valley for 33 1/3 years.


6/19 10:00 - 11:00pm
City Hall Park

Luis Calderin is an open-format DJ that always keeps the crowd hyped with his wild and unexpected blends and selections. He’s been a pillar in the Burlington, VT music scene rocking clubs, concerts and all things in between. His approach and music philosophy is simple…#StayAwesome.

Ron Stoppable.jpeg


6/19 Battery Park

DJ Ron Stoppable, originally from Queens, NY has been spinning in the Burlington, VT area for the past three and half years. He has had a residency at Zen Lounge on Friday nights and is currently holding down every other Monday night at Sidebar. DJ Ron Stoppable mainly plays a nice blend of hip hop and dance music but can also venture into other genres such a trap, house, dubstep & country.


6/19 2:00 - 3:00pm
Battery Park 

Omega Jade made her start in 2016 as a Stand Up Comedian.  After six months of doing open mics, she was given the opportunity to perform in her first show.  Darker Side Of Comedy produced by Jade Marcotte.  A show for comedians of color.  She performed in shows all over Vermont until creating a show of her own.  It combines her 2 passions; Comedy and Hip Hop.  She named it Rhyme & Unreason.  Comedians do their regular material and the MC was given the task of interpreting the comedians set in a freestyle type verse in the same amount of time. There were DJs. It was fun, fresh and only stopped because of the pandemic.  But while hosting the show she created, she was also working on her debut album Wounded Healer(2019). Upon the release of her first album she was granted the lucky chance of going on tour opening for Pace Won, thanks to Full Blast Booking.

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6/19 3:00 - 4:00pm
Battery Park 

Mark Hughes: Abolish Slavery Vermont

Warning:  The constitution of the State of Vermont has two exception clauses that permit slavery!  The Black folks in Galveston were in the dark for two ½ years. Well, this language has been in the Vermont Constitution for 244 years! 

Come get the details and learn what we can do about it.

 "Article 1. [All persons born free; their natural rights; slavery prohibited]

That all persons are born equally free and independent, and have certain natural, inherent, and unalienable rights, amongst which are the enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety; therefore no person born in this country, or brought from over sea, ought to be holden by law, to serve any person as a servant, slave or apprentice, after arriving to the age of twenty-one years, unless bound by the person's own consent, after arriving to such age, or bound by law for the payment of debts, damages, fines, costs, or the like."

 Mark Hughes, Executive Director, Vermont Racial Justice Alliance


6/19 4:00 - 5:00pm
Battery Park 

Judi is an award-winning singer/songwriter and founder of Emanuel Road Records, born in Jamaica, now living in Vermont. Her biggest musical influence is her father, Jamaican Mento King, Count Owen, in whose footsteps she has been following since early childhood. Although Mento and folk are her favorites, Judi performs mostly Reggae and other genres, but in 2017, her passion for performing Jamaican folk music was realized with the formation of Judi Emanuel Family Band (JEFB), the only multi-generational Jamaican family band in VT.

 Dad, Mickey Dyke, is musical director/multi-instrumentalist, Judi, singer-songwriter/percussions, Lala, recording artist, vocals/ percussions, and Michael Dyke Jr, UVM sophomore, vocals/multi-instrumentalist. JEFB presents concerts for kids and families, delivers seriously sweet vocals amidst crackling congas, interplayed with fun, games, workshops, and stories, while sharing a sweet slice of the real Jamaican experience. Audiences participate, deepen their knowledge of Jamaican culture, and embrace the family’s overarching message of love and unity. Juneteenth 2021 was great for JEFB, and Juneteenth 2022’s kid’s concert promises greater with: ‘MEK WI WHEEL AN TUN AGAIN’, Battery Park, Burlington, VT

Judi Emanuel Family Band.jpeg


6/19 6:00 - 7:00pm
Battery Park

Edwin Owusu, is better known by stage name SINNN. A mainstay in Burlington, Vermont’s music scene since 2001 as a Hip-Hop and Afrobeat artist, his music is composed of shareable moments from his life journey disseminated to audiences through meticulous attention to detail. He’s performed with many talents including local greats like David Grippo Funk Band & Myra Flynn as well as national acts like Wyclef Jean, Wale, Ledisi, Jennifer Hartswick, Wu-Tang Clan and Gyptian. As a social activist, he has collaborated with Black Lives Matter Vermont and former Lt. Governor of Vermont David Zuckerman on racial equity and continues to be passionate about that work. As a speech and debate coach at the University of Vermont, he helps students find their voice and speak truth to power. The convergence of these experiences have endowed him with a unique disposition that cross multiple intersections combing art, music, and rhetoric. 


6/19 Roosevelt Park

Lutalo .jpg


6/19  3:00 - 4:00pm
Roosevelt Park

Introduced to playing music through the African drumming classes their parents took them to as a child, Lutalo was educated on the Black experience in America by their father’s love for hip-hop, jazz, and Bossanova – from MF Doom to A Tribe Called Quest. Lutalo grew up in Minnesota where life constantly took them back and forth across the Mississippi River, from their Minneapolis home to school in St. Paul, before they settled for a while in New York City.

Today, Lutalo’s life is much different. They moved further East to live among the green peaks of Vermont, and took ownership of an area of land alongside family. With a shared intention of building a small community, their collective aim is to live life differently, and create something tangible that can be passed onto future generations. The to-and-fro energy of their early life is now replaced by something more steady, a desire to not get caught up in the intensity of the world.


6/19 5:00 - 6:00pm
Roosevelt Park

lbino Mbie is an award winning Musician, Guitarist, Singer, Composer, Sound and mixing engineer born in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, a country in southern Africa known for its rich musical and cultural heritage. Fueled by the resourcefulness and determination that have always characterized Mozambicans, he built his first guitar at 16 from a 5-liter can of oil, scrap wood, and strings made out of electrical cords.

Drawn to the sounds of neighborhood street musicians in Maputo, Albino began to play in a number of local bands. As with his home-made guitar, Albino wanted to combine styles and incorporate diverse elements in his music. For his talents to grow, he knew he needed experience new places, cultures, and sounds.

Today, Albino's music succeeds in combining many disparate parts into an organic whole. It incorporates his musical experiences from Mozambique, the U.S., and many other places around the world, combining rhythmic patterns and musical concepts to create a unique Afro-Pop and Moz-Jazz sound. He will always continue to combine and capture the energies of different musical traditions to create a unified and original musical style.

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